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KL2 Program

The key objective of the Clinical and Translational Research Training KL2 (formerly K-12) Program is to provide a supportive interdisciplinary environment in which scholars with diverse research interests and backgrounds can network with other health researchers from multiple disciplines and acquire the skills and experience needed to become successful, independent clinical and translational scientists.

This will be accomplished through the mentored research career development of junior faculty scholars within the university who are committed to becoming leading researchers.

Our goals are:

1. To recruit talented investigators committed to interdisciplinary clinical and translational research that are either members of, or newly recruited to, the faculty at Penn State.

The KL2 program will train approximately 4 trainees per year during the 5-year program period, with the goal of enrolling approximately equal numbers of trainees with clinical doctoral degrees and PhDs or equivalent research doctorates.

2: To provide advanced, intensive and individually tailored mentored research training in clinical and translational research for 2 to 3 years for each scholar depending upon their level of training by matching the scholar with a core research area within one or more translational research clusters. We will assist scholars to identify mentoring teams who will work to provide each KL2 Scholar with the breadth of skills and expertise needed to become successful. Didactic components of the training program will be individually tailored to the needs of the applicant and will provide each scholar with an array of relevant courses to choose from offered by Department of Public Health Sciences, and graduate programs on either Penn State campus. KL2 scholars will meet regularly and network with faculty and students in a cross-campus CTSI seminar series devoted to topics in clinical and translational sciences and career development.

3: To individualize career development strategies for each scholar to accelerate their training and maximize their potential for success and continued retention within the research enterprise. The CTSI KL2 program will provide mentored career development opportunities in areas of research interest pursued within our developing Translational Research Clusters.