Community Engagement Consultations

Consultations offered can include: 

  • assistance establishing a research project in the community
  • assistance to identify stakeholders who can provide input at all stages of research from conceptualization and discovery to dissemination
  • guidance in selection of approaches for community engaged health research (CEHR) that promote trust and benefit all parties
  • research project design involving interdisciplinary teams and community partners
  • community-based research approaches and protocols that effectively engage stakeholders in urban and rural settings
  • support coordination among community members, health care providers and research scientists
  • identification of needs and priorities for health-related research in Central Pennsylvania communities
  • tools for increasing diversity of community member participation in health research through awareness and involving community members in the development of effective recruitment, retention and dissemination strategies
  • assistance with patient and stakeholder engagement for Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) applications

Consultations open to members of the Penn State community. Consultations are required for all CTSI pilot funding recipients.


Request a Community Engagement Consultation. 

Penn State’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute provides community- centered translational science infrastructure that builds on existing networks of community engagement already in place at Penn State, including the Penn State Cooperative Extension and Outreach system, and focuses on the development, implementation, evaluation and diffusion of evidence-based interventions.  Penn State views the community as our principal “customer and partner” whose needs we strive to meet and whose collective capabilities we seek to engage.  The community is where health problems arise, disease-promoting conditions prevail, and disease can be predicted, prevented and treated.  Therefore, it is critical that we establish and nurture trust among people, organizations and the translational research community through transparency, utmost ethical conduct and demonstrated commitment toward the common good.