Community Sciences and Health Outcomes Consultations

Consultations offered include: 

  • linkage with established community networks
  • access to healthcare providers and affiliate hospitals
  • comprehensive information on 27 county catchment area
  • analysis of secondary data sets
  • recruitment and retention of diverse participants in cancer control studies
  • cultural sensitivity
  • measurement of health disparities
  • preparing data for background sections of grant applications

Open to investigators.

Consultation is free to members of the Penn State Cancer Institute.

Request a Community Sciences and Health Outcomes consultation. 

The Community Sciences and Health Outcomes (CSHO) is a centralized point of access that facilitates personalized and culturally sensitive cancer research in Central Pennsylvania. CSHO Core can assist investigators at any stage of a study, however, investigators are encouraged to contact the CSHO Core while in the planning stages of a study to allow expertise and resources to be strategically incorporated into study design, protocol development and method selection.