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Arthur Berg, PhD


Rongling Wu, PhD

Arthur Berg, PhD (Public Health Sciences)
Rongling Wu, PhD (Public Health Sciences)

Penn State has been engaged in a decade-long mission of removing barriers to translational research by creating targeted pathways to unify traditional information technology (IT) and biomedical informatics through systems and services that merge scholarly activity with production delivery at the College of Medicine; and, at University Park, creating interdisciplinary research Institutes that transcend departmental, college, and campus boundaries to seed new collaborative research directions and provide shared research infrastructure and instrumentation.

A new Center for Translational Informatics (CTI) has been created within the CTSI to fuse these two approaches and implement a systematic, multi-thematic effort toward sustainable pathways for translational research. The formation of the CTI will accelerate the translation of life sciences and informatics advances into improved human health and community well-being by developing sustainable pathways for effective knowledge exchange between translational boundaries.

It will also establish new collaborations at the intersections of existing successful programs to catalyze translational innovation, develop integrative cyber-infrastructure (including software services, data warehousing, standards and policies) for accelerated bench-to-bedside applications of data-driven discoveries and processes, and expand integrated research, education and training programs toward institutional change.

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