Mentoring of CTSI Scholars 

Recognizing the importance of effective mentoring teams in scholar career development, in addition to their primary mentor, each K Scholar is assigned a mentor from within the Mentoring and Career Development Advisory Panel (MCDAP). The MCDAP mentor is a senior faculty member with broad institutional knowledge who serves as a “second set of eyes” on the career development of the scholar. MCDAP mentors meet a minimum of twice a year with their scholars to review their biannual progress reports. Mentors also assist scholars with the formation of new collaborations and serve as a sounding board for topics ranging from research design, research programs and professional development.

Research Mentor Workshops: 
Through a partnership with educators at the University of Rochester Clinical and Translational Science Institute, mentors participate in a course for research mentoring. The course is available to anyone at Penn State including mentors of KL2 and TL1 Scholars. KL2 Scholars also participate in the course to augment their skills as they begin to serve in mentorship roles as junior faculty.