TL1 Program

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute TL1 Program provides unique training opportunities for Penn State’s medical, medical scientist (M.D./Ph.D.) and predoctoral students in health-related disciplines who wish to pursue careers in multidisciplinary clinical and translational research. ¬†The goal of the TL1 Program is to impart the knowledge, skills and attitudes particular to clinical and translational science that are not currently met by any other Penn State predoctoral training program.

TL1 Scholars can participate in an intensive summer training program or a year-long program with flexible options to tailor the curriculum to their individual needs and interests and to compliment their primary area of study. All TL1 Scholars are provided a stipend while those participating in the year-long programs also receive partial tuition and travel support.

Scholar Eligibility
Application + Selection Process
Program Directors
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