TL1 Program Directors

The TL1 Program is co-directed by Gail Thomas, Ph.D. at the Penn State College of Medicine Campus in Hershey and Connie Rogers, Ph.D. at the University Park Campus.   

Gail Thomas, Ph.D.
Dr. Thomas is a Professor in the Heart and Vascular Institute in the College of Medicine at Hershey. She is Co-Director of the Dual-title Ph.D. Program in Clinical and Translational Sciences and Director of the Graduate Certificate Program in Translational Science. Dr. Thomas is an integrative cardiovascular physiologist with more than 20 years of translational research experience in the field of autonomic control of the peripheral circulation. Her research focuses on the sympathetic neural regulation of blood pressure and skeletal muscle blood flow during exercise in health and its dysregulation in cardiovascular and neuromuscular disease.

Connie Rogers, Ph.D.
Dr. Rogers is an Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences and Physiology in the College of Health and Human Development at University Park. She is an immunologist with experience in both bench and population-based research in tumor biology and cancer prevention. Dr. Rogers’ current research is focused on questions at the nexus of nutrition, immunity, and cancer biology with the goal of identifying how dietary (i.e., probiotics, fish oil) and lifestyle (i.e., exercise, obesity prevention) factors affect the balance between anti- and pro-tumor immune responses.