TL1 Program – Selection Process 

The goal of the TL1 Program is to select candidates who, with proper career development and clinical and/or translational research training have the potential to become independently funded, successful and ethical clinical investigators.

Applicants are evaluated by the Education and Training Internal Advisory Committee (ETIAC), a group of faculty experienced in conducting and mentoring clinical and translational research.

The criteria below is considered when evaluating applicants:

  • scientific merit and feasibility of the research proposal,
  • multidisciplinarity of training environment,
  • sustainability of the applicant for a career in clinical and translational research,
  • and success and track record of lead mentor.

Applicants are evaluated using the National Institutes of Health (NIH) scale  and discussions with the ETIAC with final recommendations for acceptance made by a majority vote of the committee.

Successful applicants’ statement and letter of recommendation should indicate overall scholarly excellence, clearly delineated career research goals, strong commitment and strong commitment to interdisciplinary research. Accepted trainees will meet at least twice a year with the Mentoring and Career Development Advisory Panel.