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Current State of Data

Concepts Data Source Coding System Comments
Outpatient Procedures Signature  CPT
Cancer Registry Cancer Registry N/A Follows the standard Cancer Registry update schedule with a 6-12 month lag on updating the data.
Demographics Millennium N/A Ages greater than 89 will show as 89.
Diagnoses & Inpatient Procedures Billing Systems ICD-10
Diagnoses Billing Systems ICD-9
Inpatient Procedures Billing Systems ICD-9
Laboratory Tests Millennium  LOINC Performed at HMC
Medications Millennium RxNorm
Personalized Medicine Personalized Medicine N/A Sample availability, Tobacco (only for patient with samples in PM), Consent
Providers  DSAR N/A Last attending provider identified for visit.
Visit Details Millennium N/A (Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency, Same Day Care, Observation, Unknown)

Coming Soon…..

  • Vitals (Height, Weight, BMI, Systolic and Diastolic BP, Temperature, Heart Rate)
  • Department Location
  • Smoking Assessments
  • ICD-o Code Set for Oncology
  • Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
  • Problem Lists

Non-discrete Data Not Available

  • Notes (e.g., admission H&P, discharge summaries, clinic notes)
  • Narrative Reports (e.g., radiology, surgical pathology, operative reports)
  • Images (e.g., digital x-rays, EKGs, scanned documents)
  • Microbiology data (not yet recorded discretely in the EMR)
  • Family History and Medical History (unless coded for billing purposes)
  • Genomic Data

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