Penn State research resources including core facilities, instruments, services and equipment across campuses are searchable via eagle-i. Eagle-i is a nationally prominent resource catalog and search tool, used to provide information about the many resources, instruments, core facilities, services and people at Penn State.

Eagle-i provides access to relevant information for the biomedical community in order to accelerate the development of diagnostics, treatments, and prevention strategies.

**Remote access – accessing eagle-i from any off-campus location requires secure access through Remote Access Portal or VPN client. Information on how to gain access to the VPN client can be found here.  VPN access requires a Penn State Access ID and password. For additional information, please contact your respective campus Information Technology Helpdesk.

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How do I use eagle-i?

  • Search. Use the eagle-i search and browse tools to find research resources including core facilities, instruments, services, and equipment.
  • Share. If your lab has instruments/equipment not being used every single day, let others know so they can arrange to share it through you, and possibly offset some of the operational costs.
  • Succeed. Use eagle-i to find (and be found by) others as a starting point to pursue new collaborations that bring high visibility to your past achievements and provide new avenues for research success.

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eagle-i Assistance Options

To contact the eagle-i help desk, send an email to:

Consult the Penn State eagle-i User Guide

eagle-i Search and Browse function tutorial video from the eagle-i consortium

eagle-i Search: Text and Boolean tutorial video from the eagle-i consortium

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