Penn State Profiles

Profiles is a tool that streamlines the process to identify collaborators, search for relevant publications and contact information. The tool also includes a social networking component which illustrates linkages across the broad research community. Profiles transcends campus, college and departments to provide a single point of access for faculty, students, administrators, prospective faculty and students, external sponsors and the public.

Access Profiles by visiting: 

Frequently Asked Questions: 
Why should I use Profiles? 

  • Helps users become more familiar with Penn State faculty from a range of disciplines, identify potential collaborators, browse publications and obtain contact information.
  • Provides a uniform presentation of faculty and their research to the Penn State community and beyond.
  • Recruits faculty and students who find difficulty in navigating beyond a single department or college website to find researchers with common interests.
  • Provides an accurate representation of the breadth and depth of research at Penn State.
  • Serves as a resource for researchers at Penn State and elsewhere looking beyond their immediate field for activities or collaborators to explore new research avenues.
  • Provides a means for current or prospective students to discover fields of study, research projects, advisors and opportunities.
  • Serves as a resource for industry partners and donors to evaluate Penn State’s involvement in areas of common interest and provide a point of contact.
  • Serves as a resource for administrator or journalists seeking information and expert commentary on current issues or more general scientific background.
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface for faculty to both input information and search for information.
  • Provides a tool to measure the overall level of collaboration among faculty members.
  • Provides a tool to visualize, observe and analyze collaboration networks and groups of faculty.

Who is listed in Profiles?
Penn State Profiles contains a collection of active and emeritus faculty members. All Penn State faculty and researchers are welcome to join Profiles.

How do I join Profiles? 
Simply send an email to requesting a profile. Include the following information in the email request:

  • Name
  • Penn State User ID
  • Title
  • Department
  • Optional: Division, Phone Number, Email Address

The information in my profile is incorrect or outdated. How can I update my Profile? 
Each profile owner is responsible for keeping their profile up-to-date and accurate. To edit the profile, click on the “Login to Profiles” link on the menu and use your Penn State Access ID Account to authenticate. You can modify your personal photos, background information and publications while in the edit mode. If your title or contact information have changed, email this information to

Do I have to enter each of my publications individually? 
If your publications are catalogued in PubMed, they will be automatically uploaded to Profiles. Depending on a number of factors, including the commonality of your name, there may be publications listed that do not belong to you; these can be easily removed in edit mode. If you have missing publications from PubMed, you can upload these in edit mode. If your publications are not indexed in PubMed, you may enter them manually in edit mode.

If you have any questions about Profiles or would like to request a profile, please send an email to