Using REDCap

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

A new feature in REDCap has been created which results in each study team being responsible for adding, modifying and removing users from their project.  Only users who are the data owner or delegate will have this capability.  Please see the above tab Using REDCap for more information about delegation and data ownership.

For additional information about RBAC, please click on the below PowerPoint training.

REDCap Requests:

Data Owner Definition

The Data Owner is the individual primarily responsible for the project and the data collected. Below please find some guidelines for the data owner dependent on the project type:

  • Research:  Principal Investigator
  • Quality Improvement:  Principal Investigator or Director
  • Operational:  Director or person requesting the project to be created
  • Other (Education):  Professor

Project Creation 

When creating a project, a popup window will appear notifying the creator that, if he/she is primarily responsible for the processing of REDCap projects and is NOT the data owner, then a Delegation/Revocation of Signing Authority form will be needed for that individual to have the authority as granted by the data owner to process REDCap projects. If the data owner does not wish to delegate his/her signing authority, then he/she will need to have a REDCap account, access to the project, and submit the request him/herself. Additional delegation forms can be submitted for any study team member who will be making requests to the REDCap Administrator.

Move Project to Production

Steps prior to moving to Production:

  1. Develop and test thoroughly all instruments created in the project.
  2. Use the Check for Identifiers tool found in the Project Setup page under the Online Designer.
  3. For research projects, have a copy of the IRB Determination letter available.
  4. If the requestor is not the data owner, obtain a Delegation/Revocation of Signing Authority Form from the data owner

When the Move to Production button is clicked, a popup window will appear with a link to a Move to Production Request survey. At this point, the requestor needs to have the following documentation available:

  1.  If the requestor is not the data owner, he/she needs to have the Delegation/Revocation of Signing Authority Form available for upload (if not already on file with REDCap). This form can be found in the Applications section of the project and within the survey itself.
  2. If the project is designated as Research and/or has a protocol approved/exempt from the IRB, the IRB Determination Letter needs to be uploaded.

In the request survey, you will be asked to enter the PID of the REDCap project. It is very important that your include the value in the “?pid=” field (REDCap project ID) in the address line (URL) of the project you are submitting so that the request can be matched to the REDCap project.



Draft Mode Changes

All requests to submit drafted changes for review that require the REDCap Administrator approval  will need to be done by the study team member who has delegation rights.


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