Science-based prevention programming topic of B3 Lecture May 9

Science-based prevention programming topic of B3 Lecture May 9

April 27, 2017

The final Bench to Bedside and Beyond (B3) Lecture of the spring semester will be held on Tuesday, May 9 from noon – 1:00 p.m. with Diana Fishbein, Ph.D., C, Eugene Bennett Chair in Prevention Research and director, Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center for “Precision-Based Modeling of Neurodevelopmental Mediators of Preventive Intervention Effects.”

A critical need exists for science-based prevention programming to enhance individual potentialities in prevailing social and biological conditions. The ability to effectively utilize existing external resources, make adaptive choices, and reach potentialities depends on executive function, emotion regulation and the neural processes that support them. In the absence of favorable external resources and developmentally appropriate brain function, behavioral problems are more likely to develop. Delineating the underlying neurobiological mechanisms is essential.

To effectively strengthen these conditions, prevention programs are infinitely more effective when they can precisely address malleable neurobiological and social aspects of self-regulation. Understanding the interrelationships can contribute to the refinement or design of targeted interventions that impact critical points in the developmental trajectory to alter risk status.

The lecture will take place on the University Park Campus, 116 Henderson with videoconference to the College of Medicine, C2860. Additional information and registration is available at: