TL1 Scholar receives award at national conference

TL1 Scholar receives award at national conference
May 5, 2017

Congratulations to TL1 Scholar, Ali Falaki, Ph.D. candidate in Kinesiology¬†who received one of the ‘Top Ranked Poster Award’ out of the TL1 Scholars at the ACTS 2017 Conference. Ali’s presented his research on “Multi-muscle synergies: A sensitive tool for Parkinson’s disease.”

The goal of Ali’s research was to explore the effects of Parkinson’s Disease and dopamine-replacement drugs on postural synergies within the space of muscle groups activation. He hypothesized lower synergy indices and impaired ability in feed-forward adjustment of these indices in Parkinson’s disease patients. Synergy indices and their adjustments prior to an action would be improved on dopaminergic drugs.

The study confirmed quantification of impaired synergic control in Parkinson’s disease using postural tasks. The analyses of variance and motor equivalence together have clinical utility for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, predicting the emergence of postural instability and/or tracking disease progression.