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Community Engagement Networks

Communities are stronger when they work together. Our networks of community partners and community-engaged researchers exchange ideas to improve the health of all.

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Our Networks

Network of Community Partners Expand answer

Working together can lead to healthier communities. Our engagement team is committed to building stronger relationships and gaining a better understanding of community perspectives and needs.

Improving community health and reducing health disparities involves working alongside schools, hospitals, organizations, businesses, governments, neighborhoods and individuals. We would like to learn about your interests and/or services offered. Collectively, we have the potential of achieving greater impact in improving the lives of loved ones and those who we serve.

We are looking for community partners and invite you to participate in the network. Following is a list of ways that we can join forces.

  • Exhibitor opportunities
  • Speaker’s bureau
  • Sharing meeting spaces
  • Collaborative events
  • Advisory roles
  • Idea and information sharing
  • Newsletters
  • Volunteer opportunities
Network of Community-Engaged Researchers Expand answer

Our community-engaged researchers are interested in working with communities to get more treatments to more patients more quickly.

Researchers, please tell us about your experience and interest in community-engaged health research, and if you know of other Penn State researchers or projects that involve community-engaged health research. Your information helps us connect you with community members and collaborators.