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Penn State Research Portal (Pure)

The Penn State Research Portal (Pure) captures and displays the research output of the University, both for investigators and units. The portal is accessible to the public.

The Penn State Research Portal uses Pure, one of several applications by the company Elsevier. Pure aggregates research information from internal and external sources and enhances the visibility and discoverability of research at Penn State, both internally and externally. It provides detailed information on scholarly output, publications, networks, citation data from journals and social media citations.

A screenshot of the Penn State Research Portal (Pure) is seen in December 2017. The Penn State logo appears at the top left on a black background. Below it, a search box and ways to filter information appear on a white background, with a general summary of the system below.

Pure is the best place to identify collaborators and mentors both within Penn State and among the more than 300 institutions worldwide that also use Pure. Pure replaced Penn State Profiles in early 2018.

Learn more and access Pure here