Staffing, Mentorship and Research Training Program (SMaRT)

The Staffing, Mentorship and Research Training (SMaRT) Program facilitates the navigation of College of Medicine resources for researchers and research support staff. The program team is available to work with investigators and staff at each stage of the research process, creating alignment to necessary skills and resources when they are most needed.

The Staffing, Mentorship and Research Training Program is available to all levels of research support faculty and staff at the College of Medicine. It offers tailored orientation to investigator-initiated research, pre- and post-award consultation services, and navigation to institutional resources applicable to all stages of the research process.

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Staffing, Mentorship and Research Training Program staff offer front-door entry and navigation to what research faculty and staff need, when it’s needed. This helps to ensure project timelines and deliverables are met most efficiently. The program has partnered with other campus research offices to create an inventory of valuable services and resources, which support research from idea generation to dissemination of project outcomes.

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The program facilitates the alignment of staff time with actual project needs by connecting individuals with capacity to support small or part-time, funded research projects. The program can provide temporary staffing support for established project needs, such as:

  • project coordination or management
  • recruitment
  • data analysis
  • marketing and promotion
  • project close-out
  • long-term support for pilot projects that may lack funding to support full-time project staff

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Pre- and post award-consultations to junior and senior research investigators offer guidance on project planning, including study startup, implementation, staffing and available resources.

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Research staff orientation for newly hired employees will allow for a smooth transition to the research environment at the College of Medicine and allow for higher efficiency when navigating through the investigator-initiated research process by introducing available resources. Regular networking, information sharing sessions and professional learning opportunities will be offered to all research staff as an extension of the new research staff orientation. These resources will focus on network building and skill development.

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Phone: 717-531-1264

Office: Room C1742A within Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s suite at the College of Medicine in Hershey

Email: (for program details or to be added to the Project Management Workign Group mailing list)